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A saying to someone who is talking rubbish.

Originates from Widnes, North-West England.
"I had a date with a a fit bird last night" says roy.
"Chat Shit" replies Jim.
by gypsy dave March 29, 2008
(Adjective) The state of being completely and utterly confused during an online chat of any kind. Sometimes a result of trying to carry on several conversations at the same time. If you're extremely unlucky, it might result in you doing some blackpedaling.
(Adj.) Mike (via Facebook chat): So yeah, if you've got the cocaine, I'll meet you at the Exxon at midnight, Thursday.

Tom: Bro, you've gone totally chatshit. You were just telling me how to fix a Timex.

Mike: Damn, I've gotta stop having too many conversations at once
by The Real Sir sNills January 19, 2012
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