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A small town in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is sometimes called the lesser of two towns, Chanhassen and Chaska. Chaska is obviously better.
Guy 1: Hey man, wanna go get some China Pagoda?
Guy 2: Yeah man, for sure! Wait, isn't that in Chan?
Guy 1: No dude, that's Leeann Chin. China Pagoda is home-owned, and much better. Not to mention cheaper. This is in Chaska.
Guy 2: Oh. Yeah dude, definitely! Support the better restaurant!
by yokken July 20, 2008
1. To check someone out or to enjoy the sight of someone.
2. An addiction to something/someone.
Chaska in Punjabi pertains to the verb 'to taste' so that is the origin.
1. Her big assets in bikini made sure that guys would have her chaska.
Or Kudi jad vi punjaban nachdi, punjabi munde len chaske..
2. My chaska is dangerous. Do not get in my way.
by Kieron Malhotra February 15, 2014
it's a mexican "antojito" that in a little city of center-Mexico (Aguascalientes) is a convination of corn, mayonnaise, cheese and other optional ingredients you can add, as spicy-chili-powder or lemon, is also know by the name of "esquites" in the rest of the country.
The Doña Lupe's chaskas are just delicious!
by Νίκη March 07, 2014
it is an panjabi word, it means to rubb your dick with some thing aur person
wo mery chaska le raha hy
tm mera chaska na lo
by punjabi munda 5 September 09, 2011
a dang small little town in minnesota. Quite boring.
I hate the boring town of Chaska.
by Flame April 12, 2005

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