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to run after a the female sex.
"Hey I finally caught Didi!"
.."You did?"
"Yea man I had to chaser all over the fuckin place, but I caught her!"
by Punkhead May 26, 2005
17 83
Something you drink right after taking a shot or swig of hard alcohol.. Usually juice, pop, or beer.
You gotta use a chaser when drinkin everclear!
by crazyfock November 07, 2003
1358 202
something non alcoholic to drink as well as the hard liquor being consumed simultaneously.
coke = chaser to pretty much anything. coca cola and smirnoff
by smirnoff_apple February 07, 2005
107 24
a less potent potable you imbibe subsequent to imbibing an intoxicating beverage
"Bitch you're softer than Alize with a chaser."
by Nick D February 23, 2003
440 359
A club in Kingswood, Bristol, UK where you get stabbed or bottled upon entry.
"Lets go to Chasers and get stabbed or bottled upon entry!"
by Bert November 28, 2004
73 55
A swig or sip of a drink you take after a shot. Takes the gross taste out of your mouth
Guy: Time for shots!!!
Guy 2: Get the chasers out I hate the taste of vodka!
by womanizer7777777 April 04, 2012
42 25
A "Chaser" is any drink sipped or added to a shot(or more) of hard liquor.

e.g Soft drinks (coke-cola), juice (Orange juice) or even beer.
Yo! bartender, let me get that double shot of henny straight, no chaser.
by pornstar1 February 11, 2010
8 3
a second drink, usualy a shot (ie spirit without mixer) to be consumed with, or after (hence chaser) another drink, probably a pint of beer, or a long mixed dring.

contrast with a mixer, which is a (usualy non alcoholic) drink which is added to spirits to make them more flavourful, or less potent.
yeah thanks ill have another beer, and get some tequila chasers, its half ten and i can still stand up.
40 35