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running after an orange root vegetable. or you could use a speed boat.
CARROT: you'll never catch me!!!
RANDOM PERSON CHASING CARROT: (runs up behind it) yes i will...ha!
by elbow October 27, 2003
6 22
attempting to reach the unreachable, in the old days a carrot was tied to a stick in front of a wagon's mule / stubborn horse to make them step forward and walk ahead . . . they were never able to reach the carrot.
Sometimes it seemed that becoming a track star was chasing the carrot for Bob the paraplegic.
by Razorslap October 29, 2003
42 30
When a girl continues to go after a guy even though he isn't interested.
When is that girl gonna finally give up chasing the carrot and realize he don't want her?
by anonymous October 28, 2003
10 12
a woman who wants to give oral sex to a man
by Phil MaCrackin October 28, 2003
3 20
To masturbate.
Mike's been chasing the carrot all day, dude! How do we get him to stop?!
by bongo. October 29, 2003
2 20
What conservatives do to poke fun at the cute little liberals.
"Here hippie, chase the carrot!"
by Ogdenumptee3 October 28, 2003
3 21
ti masterbate with chettos
by anonymous October 28, 2003
5 26