dead rotting flesh as in road kill
man! we're really cutting through the charn.!!(driving or walking through some smelly area)
by mark October 04, 2003
Top Definition
someone who is thick and rather juicy. charn like chulent.
C.O. is a charn mother fucker!
by waitors 09 August 23, 2009
A best friend, a Maren, a spectacular person, friend, confidant and sister without being blood related. If you have a charn you are the luckiest person in the world
I've got me a real charn charn friend.
by Chools July 30, 2003
A person whom seems to get along with everyone; An amazing person in general.
Wow, she is a real charn.

by M(Elliot)M April 25, 2009
Recieving sexual acts after a long night of drinking brarn. See BRARN.
John recived the charn from broad across the hall after a long night of drinking brarn.
by Daniel Scott September 29, 2006
a charney that suzes like laura
becky: you are the origional charn laura!
laura: thnx bex!
by laura February 21, 2004
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