when someones surname is chapman. chappers also related to a small short girl, but makes up for it by having a nice bum.
"hey did you see chappers over there?"

"yeah what a lovely bum"
by danny blanford February 21, 2009
Top Definition
A nickname for someone who's surname is Chapman.
Oi Chappers! Do some work you lazy bast...
by Dr. Who July 21, 2006
1)A dermal abraision that's the result of vigorous masturbation.

2) To put your thumb through the skin of a penis (your own or another's).
Did you hear about that kid who jerked off so hard he gave himself a chapper?

Then the bitch's nail got caught and she gave me a chapper.
by wang hanger May 05, 2005
Very often used amongst close friends when they know of an occasion when someone has toched their penis against that of another human. Also known as 'Crossing Swords' 'Chappers' is generally the result of a Chapped foreskin from excessive masturbation and/or rubbing against another man's throbbing member.
Hey guys - did you hear mike got caught embracing in Chappers last night with Tony?
by Biggy B Ghetto MC September 14, 2006
The supreme being over all things in existence, yes even KFC............ Has such a god damn sexy ass beard that everyone just has to fucking stroke that mother chuffers
chin. Also plays real life Call of Duty (friendly fire FTW) and hates Rick Rollers (Bastards). ;)
As he removed his gun that motherfuckers Toby Hect Jew slag stroked his beard and too this day still cant find his nuts.

superman: Damn i can grow a better beard than you

Chappers: shut the fuck up you bald chinned hobo *bitchslap*

Superman cries Chuck Norris pisses acid with tears of joy *if he even has emotions* shme most likely not :)
by HAHAHA i kill KFC October 07, 2009
1. A term/nickname pretaining to one that is or at one time applied Chapstick to his face on a regular basis withour regard to the feelings of others around him.
2. One who wears "assless" chaps on a regular basis for the purpose of making others mad.
1. The stocky young Chapper was criticized for applying chap stick to his fat stupid face.
2. The history teacher wore assless chaps to annoy the class as he tought the lesson and constantly bent over to pick up his pencil.
by Matt Scrumagin February 05, 2008

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