the act of straching your sweaty balls and then sniffing your fingers
Matt went to the bathroom so he could be alone while he had some chapman time with his basketball playin' nuts
by vjr August 02, 2005
Top Definition
One who denies that he is gay but cannot help staring at muscular male bodies.
Why is he so interested in men's beach volleyball?

Because he's a Chapman!
by shelter90 May 15, 2012
Chapman is a derivative of the Saxon word Caepman, meaning a market man or a bum monger.
Shit son, there's that Chapman fellow. He's got an arsehole like flailing spastic.

Man + Man = Chapman

Steve super glued his dick to his brothers forehead. What a cunt.
by Billy Bullshite April 16, 2010
Activities which warrant an unpleasant or unsympathetic reaction
Dave : can I borrow a dollar?
Jimmy: Sorry, I have just purchased some boiled lollies and an iced treat. My various monies have been depleted.
Dave: (period of silence)... CHAAAAPMAAANNN.

other variations include : Chapman that, Chapman on you, Chaps, Chappers.
by JACKPOT584 July 27, 2007
a little bitch in 11th grade that fucks flat chested 7th graders, a pussy with no balls.
wow you really act like chris chapman who goes to willis high school
by uygfvfh November 22, 2011
Someone who is sweet and kind. A guy who knows how to treat a girl and make her feel extremely special. His kind heart and internal beauty will amaze you. he can surprise you in ways you didn't think were possible. He is wonderful and funny. His smile is infectious, and he can make you smle when you don't feel like smiling. The guy that only a few girls will notice how amazing he is...and the girls that do are the luckiest ones out there.
He's such a Chapman!
by L.L. (10-13) February 07, 2010
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