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A bad pun combining the last name Ben Chang from the show Community and the word angry.
These bad puns involving Chang's name make me so changry.
by Michael tha Great April 24, 2011
26 3
(adj): contradictorily being both cheerful and angry at once.
It had been one of the best days of my life until my roommate made me changry by charring a sandich in the microwave. Now our whole apartment smells like burnt wheat and cranberries.
by BriarRose January 17, 2009
17 15
Made up of the words 'Chat' and 'Angry'.

This basically means when you're angry in an internet chat room. Mashing your space bar and typing in capital letters.
Jane : Are you coming to bed?

Phillip : No, I am not! Someone on the internet is WRONG and it's making me changry!
by lolyumadbro November 09, 2011
2 10