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(adj): incredibly successful; haven taken the world by the flanks and galloped into the sunset; motivated by frozen dairy products. *No association whatsoever with the steak or the university in Maryland*
Martha: Hey, you wanna go eat some Saulsbury steak?
Davey: No, 'cause then we'd be cannibals feeding off the flesh of a human carcass.
Martha: Oh.
Davey: Let's go get ice cream instead!
Martha: Three!!!!
by BriarRose January 14, 2009
(adj): contradictorily being both cheerful and angry at once.
It had been one of the best days of my life until my roommate made me changry by charring a sandich in the microwave. Now our whole apartment smells like burnt wheat and cranberries.
by BriarRose January 17, 2009
(adj): a combination of amused and pretentious; entertained by others' stupidity, bereavement or naïvety.

Anne: Obviously, the flying buttresses and the cathedral are metaphors for the interdependence of humanity.

Lydia (to herself): That is the crappiest answer I've ever heard. *Obviously*, she didn't do the reading because that is not at all the point of the story. This will give me an excuse to be amutentious for at least the next three hours...
by BriarRose March 30, 2009
(adj) miserable, grotesque and psychotic.
Person 1: What?!? They decapitated their little sister like a chicken??

Person 2: Yeah, it was totally quiroga.
by BriarRose January 25, 2009

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