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n/:An indian child who loves to twerk and can not be stopped, even by Miley Cyrus.

adj:/ To give no fucks while dancing, eating, studying, twerking, as well as but not limited to: breathing, crying, watching gossip girl (or some other gay show), masturbating, etc.

ger:/ see twerking.

v:/ see twerking.
Boy: Miley Cyrus is so boss.

Girl: No dude she is totally just being chandresh


Mom: What the hell are you doing?!!?!?!?!?
Boy: *continues on*
Mom: Quit you chandresh twit


Guys at a club: Yo, that girl is chandreshing sooooo hard right now
*look over and see girl dropping it low as fuck*

REMIX: Teach me how to Chandresh
They be like smooth, what, can you teach me how to chandresh?
You know why, cause all the girls love it.
by Loud_YAN September 19, 2013
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