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outgoing and very knowledgeable. is very hyper and funny, but sometimes acts clueless.
chancey is soo ... idk
by abby January 17, 2004
Mainly used in Ireland – used to describe one's propensity to make out with/shift/score romantic interests.

Means slutty in a Catholic way.
Hayley: OMG, Zack like totally scored my whole Spanish class
Julia: He is SOOOO chancey.

John: Look at that girl over there in the short skirt and low cut top
Paul: Yeah, she is real chancey – scored me and my friend on the same night.

Jessup: 'I am not chancey'
Chickentits: 'You are, you head locked me and tried to make me score you.'
by Dr Queeralp March 23, 2011
The name of every old man who exists. FACT!
Crimson: Hey Brad what's you're grandpa called?
Brad: Chancey, why did you ask?
Crimson: CHANCEY? Mine's called that as well.
Passer by: Did you guys just say your grandpa's are called Chancey? Becuase mine is too!
Passer by 2: Hey mine too!
Passey by 3: Yeah me three, mine grandpa is called Chancey!
Brad: Woah that's crazy, maybe ever old man is called Chancey?
Professor Logan: Hello boys and girls, yes every old man is called Chancey, I'm seventy four and guess what? My name's Vince.
by Antichris II February 08, 2007
egg bitch, egg shitter, one that is either
CHANCEY!!!!!!!!!! (blip) (blip) (blip)
by puddles2 October 14, 2007
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