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an african-american.used my chicano gang members
"Let's go fuck up that chanate over there!"
by -=CVTF=-Pirate February 12, 2006
A term usually used by Mexicans to identify an African American person. Used instead of the term negro/negrito or mayate.
Ey, is that chanate going to play on your team? If he is, I quit!
by coatlicue13 January 29, 2009
what a Mexican calls a stupid black guy
Hey dawg, looka at that lazy cha-na-te
by Elena June 09, 2003
Chanate has come to mean COFFEE. In California prisons, Chanate (pronounced CHA NA TAY) was first used by Hispanics / Mexicans to refer to coffee, but has become the common term for coffee by all inmates. It probably stems from the word "dark" or "black" as it has been used to refer to black inmates; however, it's current EXCLUSIVE use is for coffee. If you called someone a "Chanate" no one would no what ur talking about.
Bro, I'm tired, can I get some chanate from you?
by Bobby Now September 15, 2006

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