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3 definitions by coatlicue13

A term usually used by Mexicans to identify an African American person. Used instead of the term negro/negrito or mayate.
Ey, is that chanate going to play on your team? If he is, I quit!
by coatlicue13 January 29, 2009
A female that is usually of Hispanic/Latina descent or any other ethnicity that: acts, dresses and talks like she's black (usually found in the ghetto). Have really curly hair that they straighten and flatten in the front of their scalp. She usually hangs around the African American crowds and is easily spotted because of her lighter skin color. They are also known as African American posers.
Maria is a chanatera, look at her with the corn rows on her hair and trying to talk to the black guys. She can't even speak English.
by coatlicue13 January 28, 2009
Another term used by Mexicans, for calling someone fat or chubby. Someone with a big belly.
You need to stop drinking, Te estas poniendo bien buchon!
by coatlicue13 January 29, 2009