A more animated way of proclaiming "c'mon" or "come on."
While playing poker and you need a high card: "I need this. Cha mon ACE!"
by Arde November 08, 2006
Top Definition
the joining of the words "come" and "on", popularized by the great Michael Jackson. An early example appears in the song "BAD", from the album, "BAD"; "cha'mon, get on me..."
"hey you guys, cha'mon with those change orders!!"
by anthony March 23, 2005
Used in Michael Jackson videos whilst he is employing the self crotch grab with the gloved hand and thrusthing the other hand outwards.
...But the kid is not my son!
Cha mon!
by Bartman March 02, 2005
1. Rasta way of saying "Yea, man" (Translation into mid-west jargon is "You Betcha")
2. An enlightened, or enthusiastic agreement, especially if by stating the obvious there is a greater signifigance that is left unsaid.
"It's interesting how Iranians use Twitter to communicate."

"Cha mon. You can say that again."
by free4all23 June 26, 2009
Vocalization used by Michael Jackson, usually in conjuction with "Oww" and a crotch grab.
"You know whose baaad, CHA- MON! *Crotch grab* "
by Mr Matt K. July 16, 2005
A singsong way of saying come on, used by Chris Tucker in Rush Hour 2.
"Chamon Lee, Chamon."
by RUman2013 June 26, 2009
said bye chris tucker in "Rush Hour 2"

short for charmeleon
cha' mon, lee! cha' mon!
by Qwerty April 19, 2004
request to the listener for recognition of understanding, similar to the expression "do you know what i mean?"
check da moaney, im one bad invicible teeth kickin' in mutha fucker cha mon,i'm a peeetay pan muther fucker from never land, can i get a hee hee?
by darkstep November 13, 2003
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