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A challenge where you try to piss six feet in the air straight up and not get wet.
Hey bill, you want to do some challenge pissing? I guarantee I'll win
by Shark Attack April 08, 2007
If you can piss 6 feet straight up in the air without getting wet, you win.
Challenge pissing would be easier in space.
by unstoppable idiot February 13, 2008
A contest in which the participants try to piss 6 feet straight up in the air without getting wet.
Any way you look at it, Tim, there is only one way to settle this: let's do some challenge pissing.
by the brocean March 01, 2011
Challenge pissing is when two participants try to out do each other for the sake of doing it, the reason for the naming is because the origin of the word means to try to piss 6 feet up in the air and not get wet.
"Last night on twitter Jeff and John were challenge pissing"
by NATOSH August 20, 2016
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