Chalga is music made by people who calls themselves musicians and try to do something interesting and fun. In fact all they do is nothing and they turn the society against them, pretty funny,a? And they sing always about love. Chalga "musicians" don't know what real music is and how it is done
The sick music of Bulgaria
by You Already Know Me April 12, 2005
Chalga is some kind of music which most of bulgarian people listen to shake their ass.The musicians are mainly low-intelligent blondies with big SILICONE tits named like dirty porn stars: Gergana, Ivana, Gloria, Maria and etc.
The lyrics are uniform ,the music sound like horse neighing.The "singers" are ungifted and sound like gipsy shit!!!
Chalga :
Take off your sailor's T-shirt,
and I will show you my blue undies
by Manuella October 22, 2005
The most poular music in Bulgaria for the last 2 years and probablt for the next 70,because the country is going to the dogs.Listened by 40-year-old alcohol addicts,who live alone,weigh at least 90 kg and go fishing every weekend in the poluted pond not beacuse of the fish,but because of the free food provided by their so called "friends".The avarage bulagrian/chalgarian drinks "Slavena"(the worse beer on the market,costs about 0.60 BGN per litre) and whacks off every time they see a chalga singer(usualy female,but there is one who's gay).The chalga music is suposed to be called Pop-Folk,but it's actualy a mockery of the bulgarian folklore.What can I say...screwed up country,screwed up music.
I'd rather not descrase myself by giving you some chalga lyrics to read.Besides you realy don't want to hear them,trust me.
by mooose May 29, 2006
Chalga is mostly common in Bulgaria.The best music for rejects who like cheap achohol.To be a chalga singer you need to have:
gigantic breasts
awful voice
no brain
making sex and adventure
wearing clothes so tight your going almost naked
There are cetrain chalga clubs in Bulgaria who are visited by these monsters.Here are just some of the bitches:
Mara otvarachkata
Azis(he was gay!)
and many,many more.(just see payner for more examples)
If you hear chalga stay away!There is nothing good about that music!
by XDangerXpoisonX November 02, 2009
Catchy music because of the same beat being repeated over and over again. Sung in bulgarian but the melody is usually turkish. The sluts who sing it have probably spent there life savings on plactic surgery and were probably drunk when they decided to be chalgagiki
chalga lyrics: shtipni me tuk i tuk i tuk, pinch me here and here and there
by Matzka December 22, 2005
Chalga is opposite to Mozart's music - i.e. ugly, fly-by-night shadow of music. Chalga is ugly, bray, vomitory low-quality thing that makes you have a headache. Chalga is a dud effort to make some music.
Here are only few chalga words:

Stupid sheep you are and always be...
by bebopper July 19, 2009
Chalga is the most famous(In my opinion chalga is the most stupid) music in Bulgaria..This music is awfull...When I listen chalga I want to trow up..
My friend:"That music is a bigest error is in world`s history"
chalga lyrics:turn off the lamp coz I'll go to sleep

by elllyellly September 08, 2006

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