like me, one who smokes alot! they dont have to smoke ever time there done BUT they mostly are finished a pack of cigarettes in one day sometimes they still have 3 left over for the next day.
she lights up her 3rd cigarette in 10 minutes of her date with Tim, he looks over and said damn girl you chain smoker girl
by imbakedxrachel March 08, 2008
Top Definition
A person who smokes one cigarette after another.

The term was originally coined for smokers who light a cigarette with the dying embers of their previous cigarette — in effect forming an uninterrupted 'chain' of cigarettes.
I've never seen him without a butt between his fingers... What a chain smoker!
by Riphticus Spoon August 28, 2006
one who smokes multiple stoges in a single sitting
the act of smoking more than one cigarette
chain smokers go through a pack a day
by WFF July 27, 2005
someone who cant just smoke one cigarette in one sitting. When they smoke their first cigarette, they cant just smoke half of it or most of it, they smoke the entire thing till the burning ash is touching their fingers so they could get every single bit of it and then before tossing the already burnt piece of nothing, they take out another cigarette and light the next one with the burning cigarette of nothing in their hands and use that to light that next cigarette so they dont have to waste their already used lighter in case it doesnt work anymore. These people are hopelessly addicted and cant find their fucking life.
I know a chain smoker whos a tar breath shit stinking fuckup
by tatomuck1 April 05, 2009
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