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A word thought to be have been started in an online art comunity. It somewhat means the same as cha (meaning "yes"), but also can be used as a form of insult, or exlamation. Mostly feminin. The ~ denotes that the a is held longer, so Cha~~~~! Would mean Chaaaaaaa! which saves a lot of space. For the most part, it only needs one ~. The ~ comes from the Japanese language, where a similar looking symbol would mean for the vowel to be held longer
(part one) Some guy: And oh yea, by the way, I broke your CD player..
Some girl: Cha~! You did WHAT?!
(part two)Some guy: Guess what! I got us tickets to the concert!
Some girl: Cha~!! That's incredible!
(part three)Some guy: I think... your cat died...
Some girl: .. cha~.....
(part four)Some guy: 0MGx0rZ!
Some girl: CHA~~~~~~!
by m1nority September 10, 2005
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