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Slang for elderly; implying a person is close to death due to age. A person said to have one foot in the grave. A person having so much gray hair they look partially cremated.
Her: I don't think he is THAT old. He is a Baby Boomer, though.

Him: For fuck's sake, he is a cemeterian. AARP called him last week saying, "Enough already! Move on! Go to the fucking light!"
by abrupt1 May 11, 2014
A person who works in, owns or operates a cemetery or memorial park. Not the same as a sexton who was considered the "caretaker".
Forest Lawn was founded in 1906 as a not-for-profit cemetery by a group of businessmen from San Francisco. Dr. Hubert Eaton and C. B. Sims, cemeterians, entered into a sales contract with the cemetery in 1912. Eaton took over the management of the cemetery in 1917 and is credited as being the "Founder" of Forest Lawn for his innovations of establishing the "memorial park plan" (eliminating upright grave markers) and being the first to open a funeral home on dedicated cemetery grounds.
by Vinny 2052 October 02, 2011

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