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a woodland fairy who spends her day feeding the hippies. she loves shade and water. find her in a field of wild flowers and approach with care she bites
by one with nature September 05, 2009
0 0
The italian plural of cello.
tthe conductor motioned for the celli to decrescendo.
by amelie January 22, 2005
37 12
slang for you cellular or mobile telephone
call the celli!
by raezler December 31, 2003
13 9
a teenage guy who acts like a P.I.M.P
that guy did a celli
by Shaq-fu April 01, 2006
5 6
hey look at celli, hes walking down the hall
by anonymous February 02, 2005
3 5
1.An abnormally large child who uses his largness for repetitive acts of man slutism.
2. One who cannot be trusted for faithfullness pertaining to women.
Oh my goodness I would never be his girlfriend! He is the biggest Celli.
by Concerned Philosopher June 24, 2003
8 15
An abnormally large child who uses his largism for repeating acts of pimpism
by anonymous June 24, 2003
2 10