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a cell phone owner, user, or enthusiast.
"Wha!? CT got a cell phone? I thought he hated cell phones! Didn't he always complain about signals and everyone owning one?"
"Yea he did. All he did was complain about them unti he had 'no other option.' That golden-haired fool is a cell-out."
by Dylan Hettinger October 09, 2005
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Scrolling through information in your cell phone, such as text messages or list of contacts. Often a feeble attempt to appear more popular when you have no one to talk to in a given social setting. Also a mindless activity to pass dead time, such as when on the toilet.
John felt awkward because none of his friends were at the party, so he sat in the corner and started to cell out.
by thejollygreengiant November 04, 2009
Someone who fakes talking on their cellphone in order to ignore someone trying to sell them something.
That guy is such a cellout,he just faked a conversation on his cell to avoid those girlscouts selling cookies!
by Earl Gr. March 20, 2008

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