The source of all that is evil in the world. Creator of tastelessness and fakeness. Earns money by shrieking into a microphone and have senseless cuntmonkeys buy the recordings. All female artists who claim to be divas are totally owned by this egg laying mother alien diva.
"Hey, did you see that vile book by Celine Dion with pictures of herself and goddamn babies superimposed on flower petals and shit?"
"What?? Are you saying that Celine Dion not only tries to make your spine burst through the skin by raping sound recording equipment and have the shite aired on radio and TV but also by creating anti-christ art such as what you just described??"
by c-brown June 10, 2005
Top Definition
Canada's most infamous export. Now in Vegas where she belongs. We don't want her back.
Las Vegas is 100% fake, so Celine Dion will fit in perfectly.
by avgfhadsfkjbvhadsfjhbv September 02, 2006
French Canadian female soft rock/AC singer. Responsible for such hits as My Heart Will Go On from Titanic, Where Does My Heart Beat Now, The Power Of Love, It's All Coming Back To Me Now and others.
Celine Dion sings a lot of soft rock music.
by 1069 August 19, 2006
Won, or should I say, earned an award as the top selling female artist of all time, puts on a SUPER fabulous show in Las Vegas, and is one of the most caring and genuine people in show Business. Also a very devoted singer, wife and mother, to wrap it up, the best singer/performer in the world!
Look, there goes the best singer in the world, celine dion!

So Tiff, what should we do tonight while we are in Las Vegas? I know! Lets go see Celine's fabulous Show! Tiff: Sounds good to me! Lets go!
by Lynn with an E July 27, 2005
The most amazing & beautiful singer ever born. She is the best performer America has ever experienced. Thank you Canada.
Celine Dion is the hottest thing in the world.
by eyesonceline April 07, 2009
A very intelligent woman.
"So Ken, I hear Celine Dion is a very intelligent woman.."
by TehCentral September 05, 2007
Probably the best music artist ever to grace the stage. Can sing incredibly and hit notes that other 'stars' could only dream of hitting. Those who slate her wouldn't know talent if it slapped them in their arrogant faces. Long may she reign.
Who's that woman who was awarded biggest selling female artist ever?

Oh, celine dion?
by Kursteh April 21, 2008
The only thing for which most Canadians apologize to America for on a daily basis.
Canadian: Celine Dion is an ugly bitch. We're sorry for letting her leave the country.
by AJAW September 09, 2005
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