Performing fellatio during a celebration or holiday.
It's my birthday and my girlfriend is gonna give me some celebratio
by shlemkevich December 12, 2008
Celebratory fellatio
"Congratulations, I think we should celebrate this with a spot of celebratio!" - meaning, something positive has happened, therefore celebratory dick sucking should commence. For example:

1. Pass driving test, get dick sucked
2. Come home from Afghanistan, get dick sucked
3. Has it been 25 years since Windows 1.0 came out? Lol at Steve Ballmer, and get your dick sucked...
4. Something else... and this is key: Get dick sucked.
by radioheadrule83 November 21, 2010
Giving or receiving felatio only on birthdays or special occasions
My birthday is the one day of the year my girlfriend goes down on me we call it celebratio
by MTP33 July 24, 2011

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