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Current CEO of computer powerhouse Microsoft. Famous on many message boards for his inspirational talk videos, in which he gets really worked up about everything. In one video, He repeats the word "developers" many times until the crowd starts chanting, and often times now people will makes jokes in reference to this video.
When Bill Gates stepped down as CEO of Microsoft, he appointed Steve Ballmer as the new CEO.
by Big Al P November 28, 2004
A fat sweaty twat...
He is also the CEO of Microsoft.
"Look it's Steve Ballmer, slating yet enough successful Apple product."
by Jakey-Mckenzie July 12, 2008
Current Microsoft CEO, responsible for amazing marketing and technological breakthroughs in the computer industry, and sales industry.
Man that Steve Ballmer is teh r3sourceful.
by pat March 06, 2005
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