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can't be fucked
eg: "i cbf going to work"

can sometimes be used as "can be fucked"
eg: "i'll come around when i cbf"
by ftc May 07, 2003
A term used frequently out of laziness, it means "can't be fucked" or "couldn't be fucked" and in some cases "can be fucked" depending on the context.

For instance..
"I cbf going to the movies"
would be "can't be fucked"

"I cbf getting up for work yesterday."
would be "couldn't be fucked"

where as..
"I'll go when I cbf"
would be "can be fucked"
Guy 1: CBF is awesome, shaving off a whole 10 letters. It lets me say things like "I cbf getting up" or shorten down on chat even more like.. "I cbf, ttyl".
Guy 2: Yeah, or "I cbf using a condom when fucking your sister."
Guy 1: ...
by XenoX101 July 27, 2005
the ultimate lazyness. people who use this are to lazy to even type "i cant be fucked". its a lazy way of saying that i'm to lazy
person 1: i'm sweating like a fat man after a trip to the fridge"
person2: phht u walk to the fridge. i cbf walking my fridge has been moved next to my computer
by DrUnKeN MoNkEy January 03, 2005
Chronic Bitch Face: A condition that causes a person's default face to be that of a bitch. People with this condition appear intimidating and angry most of the time.
1: That girl hates me. She always looks pissed off when I see her.
2: Nah, she just has CBF.
by enemyghost July 06, 2012
Used by Lazy people who Cant be fucked writing 'Cant be fucked'.
Person: "Hey man, want to come Shoot hoops later?"
Lazy Person: "Nah... i really cbf."
by JoshManRulez March 07, 2007
abbr. - Stands for Chump Bitch Face. A derogatory term commonly used as a put down.
Don't you just hate that Joe? I can't stand when he comes around! He is such a CBF!
by ShiftyCapone February 04, 2010
Can't Be Fucked Syndrome, also known as the lower case form cbfs. It is caused by lazy people who do nothing nearly all the time, then it can lead to where they can't be fucked anymore so they just do nothing hence CBFS the cure is committing to do something, but if somebody has an extensive case of it, good luck to you; and it is very contagious
(teacher): why haven't you done your homework?
(kid): Because i have CBFS.

(boss): oi peter why haven't you come into work today?
(peter): because i have CBFS that's why
by mastrix8 June 16, 2011
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