A STRAIGHT haired girl that is a mix of emo, steam punk, punk, and maybe the slightest bit if scene. She has a tendency of falling in sinkholes a lot and she always stuffs herself with samosas that she shits in the corner with flies named Jesus flying around her. She is the best best friend anyone could ever ask for but never get on the bad side of a caylin because she could easily find your address which is why you should never be neighbours with her. The caylin is an odd creature and a clean creature which is why anyone would want to be a roommate with her. Caylin is extremely smart except when her purple bangs are in her face. Caylin is a best friend and likes to pretend to be a dead fish. Caylins are EPIC!!!!!
"Careful caylin! Don't fall in to a sinkhole!"
by 123meh321 July 10, 2013
Top Definition
A very pretty girl with curly hair that is smart. She's always there for her friends, and gives advice often. Most of the time, though, she keeps her thoughts locked inside her head and suffers in silence.
"Who is that girl over there with the curly hair that acts like Hermione from Harry Potter?"
"Oh, that's Caylin. She's cool."
by King Apollo March 29, 2010
A very pretty girl with curly hair. She is bright and intelagent. She is always there to let people spill all of there thoughts out at her, everyone always feals at ease to tell her about there life. She has had lots of things impact her life but they don't effect her on the outside. She also tends to be very loud and expressive twards stupid things. She also cannot keep any secrets from her friends and people she feels open with. She is a very lovely caring person.
God, I just pulled a caylin and told that person everything.
by kidispink November 20, 2012
A girl who acts like its a sun shinning, not a cloud in the sky kind of day... everyday!
person 1: Why is that girl always smiling?

person 2: Oh she's Caylin.
by Billy Umbrella December 20, 2012
A very pretty girl almost beautiful with straight brunette hair that is super smart. She's always there for her friends, and gives advice often. Most of the time, though, she dose not broadcast her thoughts, she rather keep it inside her head in silence. She sometimes can be mysterious. She loves pets and is full of fun.
"She is beautiful, she must be caylin"
"caylin is super understanding"
by nervousfunny November 18, 2013
Originally a girl's name, from the gaelic word for "girl."

Can be used as a descriptor in such a manner as to describe something as being "good," "great," "cool," or "awesome"
person 1: "I bought you a new sports car for your birthday"
person 2: "Oh, Caylinnnn!"
by caylsbo July 27, 2011
An awesome fella. One who's intellectual state of mind can be defined as god like. One who is on the same level as a Neal, or Albert. Usually a Caylin, is artistically inclined, to levels beyond your knowledge, and sometimes even his own. One who often enjoys George Lucas and Martin Scorsese films. A person, who is giving and understanding, and feels as though none other can understand him, or his depression issues. Often of Irish or Scotish descent.
Is that a Caylin? Yeah, he is one awesome fella.
by mikeymike45 June 07, 2011
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