Aka cock but more readily used as a prefix to "n balls" or "n bawls". As in cock and balls, refering to the male ramming stick and hand luggage.
Let your brother play with your cawk 'n' balls, don't be shy!
by The Reamer June 23, 2004
Top Definition
A slang word for the male penis. Usally spoken with a northen accent.
That whore put on her stiletto boots and walked all over my cawk.
by Ali T April 18, 2003
1. The male organ of copulation in higher vertebrates, homologous with the clitoris. In mammals, it also serves as the male organ of urinary excretion.
2. Any of various copulatory organs in males of lower animals.
Cawks also come in many different size. ranging from small-big. (tim-dan)
I walked into the church to preach on lovely afternoon. when suddenly the priest pulled out his cawk and began to violate me.
by NewbyCawks January 11, 2012
Pronounced like it looks. Cawk is an adjective to show how cool something is.
Example: Man that shit is so cawk.

That new song is cawk as hell!
Not to be confused with the male reproductive organ

Example: You cockblocked me man, that is not cawk.
by beadleblazr43 February 28, 2012
The long thick dipstick used to knock up some fat whore ..Gee, why use OCK when you can just use AWK? Lazy fucks
Oh My..GOD..Sly, your cawk is just so..BIG..!
by devoid August 18, 2004
the medium to enjoy watching porn

see that cawk sink in her brown ring..
P diddy is the only man i would let suck my cawk..

by splurts with mint June 18, 2003
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