a slang term for masturbation.
I got really horny so I caved in.
by sean & nina July 11, 2005
Top Definition
Means "old news."

Originated on Lambgoat.com
Complaining about hardcore attire is cave in.
by Fraulein July 13, 2004
Means jacked off
man, that girl was so hot so i cave in
#give in #jacked off #masturbate #horny #unstoppable
by sexmaster12354 March 05, 2009
a horrible time, an upset, a dissapointment.

man that was bunk, never doing that again.

no man that was a cave in, it's usually better than that.
#bunk #shitty #horrible time #bad time #no fun
by giinocto June 04, 2008
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