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The peice of skin bettew a womans cunt and her asshole
Causif it wasn't there her guts would fall out.
by Dangerous February 21, 2003
9 3
The piece of skin between a womans cunt and her asshole
Causeif it wasnt there, her pussy would taste like shit...
by nirnir January 22, 2009
2 1
See perineum. The small area between the female's external reppoductive organ and poop chute.
Chya guy-ee, her causeif is there causeif it wasnt there would just be one big hole.
by Zacharoo October 21, 2003
5 7
The part of skin between your balls and your asshole. Cause if it wasn't there, everything would fall off.
I have a real sweaty causeif after basketball.

He pissed me off so I tried to kick him in the nuts, but hit his causeif instead.
by Schnelly1 September 02, 2008
1 4