topsy-turvy; weird
I ate those mushrooms and now I feel all cattywompus.
by Shelly April 18, 2004
Top Definition
crooked; lopsided or askew.
"That picture frame is cattywompus."
by SweetTea56 February 09, 2008
To be all helter skelter and askew. Not functioning on all cylinders, or just plain strange.
Ryan: I crashed my car and it still drove!
Gabe: oh, sweet. It actually drove normal.
Ryan: Nah, it was all cattywompus like!
by vermont techie June 03, 2009
to go diagonal or accross something
You know that bale of hay is about cattywompus fron Wilborn Creek.
by bub January 19, 2005
to go diagonal or across to a certian place, or diagonal from something
them dadgum pack of em wolves are about cattywompus from Wilbourn Creek.
That sasafras tree is round bout cattywompus over there.
by bub January 20, 2005
totally messed up, yet baller
this shit is cattywompus!!!
by jesus t. christ December 06, 2006
Created by sydney A describing word for something hairy or ugly.
Devin's butt lint is cattywompus
by Miss Jennifer... December 31, 2008
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