Using freaky deaky yoga techniques to hone the end of your dick on a woman's g spot. Applying pressure then makes her feel like she's being electrocuted from the inside, resulting in the most intense orgasms she's ever had.
It felt like his dick was a cattle prod
by G_F January 17, 2014
Top Definition
Penis belonging to a man who is attracted to fat chicks
Pat loved the fat chicks so much, we call him the cattle prod.
by CJ_H September 07, 2007
Similar to the donkey punche, while doing a girl from behind, when your about to come, you whip out a tazer and hit her right in the small of her back. You hold on tight as she goes into spasms and tighetens up while you blow your load. A great way to break up with someone!
After I gave her a she never talked to me anymore
by Dr.Biggs February 04, 2004
Put on wool socks and have your girl bend over. Shuffle your feet on the carpet to build up a charge so that the tip of your penis shocks her as you enter. Pull out and repeat. In the dark you can see the spark.
Tell your Dad thanks for buying new carpet because it was great for giving your mom the cattle prod last night.
by shpecky4 October 24, 2009
Put a dash or allot of something spicy on the end of your condom; ben-gay, tiger balm, daves insanity sauce, etc. Tag the heifer from behind, then hold on to those love handles as long as necessary. Stuff some hay in her mouth, so as not to wake the neighborhood.
I gave your sister the cattle prod the other night, now she won't even look at me. Oh, and tell your parents to put some tobasco on the shopping list.
by Larry Stevens June 28, 2005
The iconic weapon of a BOFH. Often modified with additional voltage and/or amperage for greater effect. Most often used against particuarly annoying users alongside a roll of carpet, shovel, and bag of lime.

When the effect is written, it is always spelled as KZZZZEEEEEERRRRRTTT. The number of repititions of each letter can vary and the R/T can be left off to imply continued usage.
When I was confronted by the head Beancounter, I gave him a zap with my trusty overvoltage cattle prod and called my PFY to get the company van and the usual supplies.
by SabaraOne July 17, 2016
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