How ketchup was spelled back in the good old days, eventually people started saying catsup like "ketchup" then it got changed.
"Hunt's Catsup"
by uberpwnz0rrofl September 06, 2009
Top Definition
What stupid asses call ketchup
Stop saying catsup, it's KETCHUP!! GOT IT!!
by Nettled October 15, 2003
The ultimate choice Mr. Burns can make in his life.
Mr. Burns: Ketchup... Catsup. Ketchup... Catsup. Whoo, I'm way over my head here.
Store Clerk: He's talking to the Ketchup bottles now, sir.
by BOBVIARGE May 07, 2006
1.Idiots who can't spell Ketchup right.

2. Cat Soup. With a tagalog acsent.
Idiot: Please pass the Catsup.
by Ketchup Muncher July 05, 2009
Supposed to be the same as "ketchup', ie, a condiment made from tomatoes. Hello! Is anyone in there? Wake up! It's Cat soup! It says so, in fricanese, right on the label!

SAD GIRL: "I am so sad, I need to get rid of my cat because I am moving into an apartment where no pets are allowed."

ATTENDANT: "Everything will be fine. We'll find a nice home for her."


ATTENDANT: "The bitch left, here's another cat for the giant CATSUP (cat soup) blender!"

by Jack Bozdog July 01, 2006
A kind of pickle, made from mushrooms.
I ate some catsup the other day. It tasted quite terrible.
by Majicm9 March 24, 2011
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