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When a man Puts His penis inbetween a womans breasts

And the woman rubs up and down forcing the man to cream all over her face

e.g. cats like cream and stuff
"can i put my nob inbetween ur bongos"
"that feels kinda good"
"what a good catslap"

by Jack1991 June 03, 2007
1 9
To repeatedly slap a vagina until it's purple.
Hey conor,your mom enjoys a good cat slap!
by Ooogalie Boogalie May 07, 2003
12 3
The act of vigorously grinding vaginas
Did you see christy and beth cat slapping in the office?
by anonymous April 02, 2003
14 7
sneaking up behind a cat an slapping at without it seeing you
sneak up and cat slap!
by Alex Cullen January 20, 2009
9 3
it when you get rabies via anus by 1 or more shaved animals.
this cat slap is giving me a rash.
by donthewater October 17, 2006
0 11