A mild mannered sexy preschool teacher by day, and a super sexy super hero. . .any time you want. She usually answers to her spanish name El Gato Pantalones. She is the most beautiful girl known to planet earth, she hails from the plant amayzula. Her only weekness is Brandini. Many villans have tried to tempt her, but not have succeeded in their conquest except for scare crow who holds the mythical substance know as Brandini. No one has lived to tell about this miraculous substance. However, scare crow has used Brandini to capture and tame El Gato Pantalones. They now fight crime together, making the best duo the world has ever seen
Hey look up there, its a bird, its a train.
No, it's Cat Pants
by riccroccman1 February 28, 2009
Top Definition
Pants wherein are residing cats
Look, he is wearing his cat-pants
by JB November 21, 2003
A generic insult; or in some cases a substitution for a person's name (depending on context).
Look, here comes catpants.
by Aoe November 17, 2003
Cat pants are the furry wide part on cat legs.

Very important to tomcats in assessing female cat beauty.
"Wow, look at Fluffy's cat pants," said Tom, "what a babe!"

"Meeyowr!" responded Thom, "I'd hit that!"
by scodder May 08, 2010
a name given to special pants for people who are stressed at work. supposedly petting cats makes one less stressed. said pants are more like chaps with fur that you can wear over your smart clothes.
oh gosh, i need to run home! i forgot my catpants for the 2 o'clock meeting later! catpants!
by candice rugg (catpants rugg) September 04, 2006
When a dude has an erection stiffening in his trousers and the movement of the erection makes it appear as if a cat is wiggling around.
That guy is totally turned-on. I can tell by his catpants.
by BethHi September 12, 2005
When it is summer, Murry's back legs get all hairy and fuzzy and from behind, he looks like he's wearing pants constructed from his own fur.
Hey, Bridge, Murry's panting in his catpants.
by Rachel June 18, 2004
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