The female equivalent of a teabag.
Dick passed out at the party and we got pictures of Jane giving him a catnip.
by MiCTLaN December 27, 2005
Crack made for cats.
"I just gave my cat some catnip, and now she won't stop running around the house."
by Elastico March 15, 2010
The act of a bad blow job when the girl just laps the tip of the penis like a cat enjoying a fresh dish of milk.
I thought patty was going to give me a great blow job but she only went at it like cat nip
by Smack17 January 31, 2014
a nickname for Katniss Everdeen from Gale, his besfriend. (from book The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins)
"Hei, Catnip!"
by virustormgirl January 17, 2015
weed for cats, and including the slang terms: the temp, sanyo, cat-juice, jenga, hard rock, printing, bottling, on the chips, glittering, E-ing, snowballing, Oprah Winfrey, and lidd nipping
Guy1- dude my cat was totally oprah winfreying on the sanyo yestersday.
Guy2-really how bad?
Guy1-yah he was e-ing all over the place after that catnip i got him.
by the lidd nipper December 04, 2009
One's lip encounter with chewing tobacco, a pleasing one in many instances.
Oh, sheep dip, I'm out of cat nip.
by seebbix July 10, 2008
1. a person that backs out of a bet
john bets brad $50 that the lakers will win. half way through the game john backs out of the bet. therefore he is a cat nip
by sista sparks March 25, 2005
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