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1) An antisocial hotty with a body. Too mellow to create or get lost in drama. Athletic/a gymnast, smart/wise, creative, open-minded, and hott; ideal. Also: silly, caring, considerate, daring, polite; liked by everybody.
2) A creative fiend, artsy, a thinker; is frustrating to others who don't understand her and/or can't get "with her."
3) Has a frightening willigness to attempt to make chloroform, despite not understanding the chemistry
4) Designs sexy themed lingerie and is damn good at it. Eg: Tennis, Dutch, hiphop, etc...
-Damn. she so crazy. and I can't understand her
-but she's hot, and imagine the gymnastic possibilities
-Damn. ::sigh:: the quandry that is crazy cathie
by who, me? February 13, 2005
A menstruating woman who only wears pads.
That girl is so weird, I bet she's a cathie.
by SPTRIV December 16, 2013
hot sexy fine who loves asian people,and dis likes white people but not mixed people cuz she knows there better then that.Likes to tease and flirt.Protects her friends and family no matter what.
HEY ITS CATHY*runs and hugs her*
by iheartu December 28, 2004
Slang for 'cocaine'.
Mostly used by the australian hip-hop circle.
Guy 1: Hey mate bring me back some Cathie while your out.
Guy 2: Nahh mate that stuffs illegal.
by Yum1234 August 07, 2009
A person whos value doesn't even amount to the juice squeezed from an old whore's soiled Tampon. She should do the world a huge favour: do a triple summersault through the air, and disappear up her own asshole. We would all like to view the world from her point of view, but we can get our heads that far up our ass!!
Yo Cathie!! Hi 2! Yeah homie Biatch DAAAAAAWWGGG!!
by Manfred-Randoth September 07, 2007
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