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to ask a group of buddies if they have ever seen cat brains, when answered with a no proceed to whip out sack and say look, when they turn around yell cat brains!

southern version of the sack attack!
carl: hey guys ever seen some cat brains?

guys: Hell no, thats sick!

Carl: look, (pause) Cat brains bitches!!!
by jimmy haynes January 30, 2008
20 10
holding your nuts in such a way they resemble a small set of animals brains, like a cat
We were watching some wrestling when Jeb jumped out sportin catbrains.
by H8tank June 14, 2003
13 7
1. The showing of one's scrotum bunched up in one hand tightly so it resembles cat brains. Usually used to make someone look so you can then call them "gay" and a "fag" and with good reason.
Brian: Hey colin look at this
Colin: What
*Brian whips out the cat brains
Colin: WTF thats nasty
Brian: OMG you looked what a FAG!
by Kirk Johnson November 26, 2005
19 14
when a male crams his balls through the fly of his pants and unsupectedly shows a female or male for that matter.
Yo that girl sucked the knowledge out of my cat brains.
by ms.kittey June 10, 2006
14 13
The brains of a cat. usually dead, but there are exceptions to this rule.
Steve: You know whats good on toast?
Jim: Cat brains?
by Jimfaaace November 05, 2006
11 19