1. Euphemism for (and misspelling of) "chatbox". Doubly appropriate, since lots of people who use chatboxes can't spell, and also contribute ideas which amount to turds.
*Ringo has joined the catbox*
by swedishmeatball August 22, 2007
Top Definition
A term used in newsrooms everywhere to describe a hot mess, total mess, or disaster. You may need to call the red cross
This is such a catbox
by News2000 February 13, 2015
Woman's pussy (vagina)
Tonight I'm going to fuck some cat box
by Big Vags Inc. October 21, 2014
1. Someone that likes to have cats shit and piss in their mouths
2. a box in which you place a soon-to-be-fucked cat, to avoid fleeing and scratching
3. A loser that may or may not receive blowjobs from 30 year old men
3. suckafree: are you down to sit back and get head / nut swallowed no strings attached 30 m hou bi discreet?

Ty: i dnt know... im not gay... i might try though love, catbox
by YouCanCallMeConwayTwitty December 01, 2009
1. A group of flaming homosexual men. (symbol of triforce usually visible to show group pride.)
2. A box used to have anal sex with a cat scratch free.
1. "In order to be in the catbox you have to have gauges and be insecure of your sexuality like Ryan Seacrest"


Kid1: Dude i catboxed that shit up last night
Kid2: Bro you got no idea how many boxes i had to go threw last night
by JustCallMeBillMurray November 09, 2009
the definition of sobriety. The CatBox is a Gang that has based it's morals on the sober way of living. Located all over the world, the CatBox stands strong with OVER 9000 members! Common CatBox activities include killing babies, dancing on people, and Penis's in the Ear. enough said.
The CatBox is the reason i am sober today.
by TyForce December 24, 2008
A large protruding light-bulb that comes from a pop up book hat has a chrome dome attached to its lower vicinities.
The Mum was a Mum who like to eat Cat Boxes.
by CJkahtlkhds k kljg kjhsj8 October 08, 2008
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