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Placing the labia majora, a part of the vulva, into the mouth or on the face of another person. Normally for the purpose of humiliation or defiling the virtual corpse of a n00b.

female equivalent of teabagging
We got a picture of me catbagging this wasted douche last night!
by AT&T March 14, 2007
"Cat Bagging" (verb, transitive): 1) the deliberate, retrospective act of concealing or attempting to conceal escaped truths. 2) A method of negating or limiting potential damage caused by acts of wanton truth-telling. 3) Successfully bidding for a prize cat in a cat auction. 4) Putting cats in a bag (often more than one and typically in one swift movement).
5) Cheating someone or something of their freedom.
"I took so many Ectos last night I'm gonna be cat bagging for a month at least!"

"Well, that's one politician who'll be doing plenty cat bagging this week!"

"Guess who's been cat bagging at the village fair, kids!"

"Helen's not home this weekend so I'll be ready to leave once I've done all the cat bagging."

"Most inmates will claim to have been cat bagged at some point during their stay in prison." -HM Prison Revue, 2014

"I gave that Gold Crested Eagle a proper cat bagging after I found it shitting in the vestibule"
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