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Someone that had sexual intercourse with a cats anus for money
Oi you dirty cat bag!
by Slick Back Jack October 22, 2007
A female's genitals. Vagina. Female's private part. As said in Tionna Smalls' Advice Column on Gawker.com.
It is also very normal especially in the hood that when you get in an argument with a person that you had sexual relations with, they always go for the gusto and say that your catbag stinks.
by Jane Rosenberg November 07, 2007
A catbag is a bag you put a cat in when you throw it in the river, when you no longer want it.
Example: Any bag can be used as a catbag as long as it sinks, with some bricks in it, to weigh it down.
by Peter Glum September 09, 2007
A catbag is made from the skin of your dead cat. It is recycling and reusing the cat, so it has a useful function.
Example: That cat you had was a pain in the ass, but it makes a nice useful catbag for your shopping.
by Peter Glum September 09, 2007
When one's lady bits stink. (c) katpowers3000.com
She was so sweaty, when I went down on her she was a total catbag.
by Kat Powers June 03, 2013