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Y-shaped device having a loop of elastic attached to the ends of the prongs and used for firing stones, ball bearings or other small objects (cf. slingshot, shanghai)
It is ethically unacceptable to feed an ugly baby with a catapult.
by yorrick hunt January 23, 2008
when a man is about to ejaculate he pulls his dick back and flings his cum in the face of his partner.
Dustin: Dude i heard you catapulted your girlfriend last night
Brent: your damn right i did she licked it all up off her face
by Johnny whiplash 1994 September 03, 2010
A device for launching cats through the air.
Scott: Eddie, don't put my cat, the Pookerman, into the cat-apult!!
by A. Noobitron January 27, 2011
wen u put ur dick between ur legs and wen the bitch goes to suck it u let it go and it slaps her in the face
i gave the bitch a catapult
by dan c May 20, 2003
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