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A young male kept by an older male as part of a homosexual relationship; a male concubine, prostitute, sex slave, or man-bitch. Implies that the younger male is the more submissive of the two.
Lil Wayne is Birdman's catamite, as well as that of many other men.
by nkoalahu December 13, 2010
48 25
In Graceo-Roman tradition, a boy kept for sexual purposes.
Informally, a younger male lover.
I picked up Ben from the college bar, and he stayed with me as my catamite until he graduated.
by OrangUtanUK June 18, 2003
340 96
A young boy who is kept for unnatural purposes, ususally homosexual ones
Carl Nancy decided to become a catamite after discovering his love for old, hairy men.
by El Jefe October 25, 2004
64 133
A brain parasite contracted from being in close contact with cats.
Josh screws everything up now, it must be the catamites.
by sharpiedshoes May 31, 2008
23 118