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In Graceo-Roman tradition, a boy kept for sexual purposes.
Informally, a younger male lover.
I picked up Ben from the college bar, and he stayed with me as my catamite until he graduated.
by OrangUtanUK June 18, 2003
A young male kept by an older male as part of a homosexual relationship; a male concubine, prostitute, sex slave, or man-bitch. Implies that the younger male is the more submissive of the two.
Lil Wayne is Birdman's catamite, as well as that of many other men.
by nkoalahu December 13, 2010
A young boy who is kept for unnatural purposes, ususally homosexual ones
Carl Nancy decided to become a catamite after discovering his love for old, hairy men.
by El Jefe October 25, 2004
A brain parasite contracted from being in close contact with cats.
Josh screws everything up now, it must be the catamites.
by sharpiedshoes May 31, 2008