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A great singer/songwriter who later converted to Islam. Our ignorant administration then assumed if he was Islamic he had to be a terrorist. He's now banned from the U.S. but still making music.
"did you hear that cat stevens is a terrorist?"
"...yeah, the guy that wrote "Peace Train" is a terrorist... go fuck yourself."
by Tavis February 13, 2006
A true musican, a beautiful spirt, unique soul who made outstanding music that touchs your heart, amazing voice and a legend that never die...

Made songs such as wild world, How Can I Tell You, and Peace Train...

He is An Angel out of this world...

He Converted to Islam, banned from the u.s coz of mistaken identity and not because of terriorst reasons..

A Charity person, who always gives to the poor and the needy...
His fate is not easy...
by sara bow January 29, 2005
One of the greatest singers of all time
who became a muslim and changed his name to Yusef Islam
Cat Stevens is awesome no matter what religion he believes in
by 357951 January 17, 2011
a very good artist/ slash mucisian

his songs include wild world, seasons in the sun, and some of the music of rushmore

he also changed his religion to islam and gave money to terrorists and is now banned from the u.s.
wow cat stevens is awesome
by caedes venatus January 03, 2005
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