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The two or three lines shaved into a person's eyebrow. It originally was gang related but now is usually done to look super trendy and insanely cool.
girl1: "Hey you know that kid Eric? He just got a cat scratch in his eyebrow."
girl 2: "yeah i know. he's sooo cooool, i wanna be his friend."
by chiize November 10, 2010
The act of having sex with a woman from below while she scratches your chest. She will also screech every gyration to add to the sexiness.
"Mary cat scratched the hell out of Austin after dinner."
by Prince de Perse February 01, 2009
A tie in tic tac toe is called a Cat scratch
*a tie just happened* Joe: "man cat scratch again"
by Big al 4872 February 04, 2011
The name given to a squirrelly little character who often enjoys frivolous activities like dressing up as a grape, eating hot cheetos and takis and hiking the bluffs of Mordor.
Oh, my look at that catscratch go. She is on a rampage today.
by mergica April 30, 2013
when somebody moves like a robot, but instead their hands form cat claws
man becky was totally catscratching the dance floor at that punk show last night...
by SweetSt January 02, 2011
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