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someone who has cat everything. bedspread. pillowcase. sheets. carpeting. everything cats. WE LOVE CATS@#^$&*
audra is a cat lover.
by diane hemmingway July 15, 2011
a man or woman who loves boobs.

Also can be used as kitty lover; sounding like titty lover.
May be confused with pussy lover.
Jared is a big cat lover, he stares at them cats all day.
by Evon Pais October 30, 2011
A stupid human being that loves a pathetic animal! We are doglovers and proud of it! Dogs rule cat drool and everybody knows it! WE HATE CATS!!!!!! Dogs are smarter, cuter and way more loyal! Remember that catlovers! Dogs rule cats suck!!!!

Stupid people that we fuckin hate! A Catlover is a dumb person that dose not know shit!
by Sabrina and Shelby W April 23, 2007
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