n. the use of your cat as a device for judging the approximate current temperature, as once perfectly illustrated in Patrick McDonnell's cartoon strip "Mutts"
You don't need a sprawled-out cat thermometer to tell you it's furshlugginer hot in here.
by KitnWhiskers November 03, 2008
Top Definition
When you can look at your house cat and can tell what the temperature is by their body position.

1. Curled up in a ball = 60 degrees
2. kitty loaf style = 65-70 degrees
3. On side with legs out = 70-80 degrees
4. Layed out on side with body and legs stretched way out = 80-90 degrees
"Must be freezing in here, your cat thermometer is all balled up with its head tucked in"
by Chris B dot April 12, 2007
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