n. the use of your cat as a device for judging the approximate current temperature, as once perfectly illustrated in Patrick McDonnell's cartoon strip "Mutts"
You don't need a sprawled-out cat thermometer to tell you it's furshlugginer hot in here.
by KitnWhiskers November 03, 2008
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When you can look at your house cat and can tell what the temperature is by their body position.

1. Curled up in a ball = 60 degrees
2. kitty loaf style = 65-70 degrees
3. On side with legs out = 70-80 degrees
4. Layed out on side with body and legs stretched way out = 80-90 degrees
"Must be freezing in here, your cat thermometer is all balled up with its head tucked in"
by Chris B dot April 12, 2007

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