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An aracane adjective used as an expletive in the earliest issues of Mad magazine (e.g. 1950's) - comparable to "garshdarned" (see examples). However, maybe it's true that it was also used to mean 'asshat' later on, as claimed above.) Possibly a parody of some German or Yiddish word, I suspect. Correct spelling may actually be 'furshluggenner'.
1) What the hell IS that furshlugginer thing?!?
2) Get that furshlugginer thing out of here!
3) Why would anyone waste their time on a furshlugginer thing like that?!?
by George Sandusky May 25, 2006
Word used by Mad Magazine during the 1970's. Means asshat.
"That asshole is a real furshlugginer!"
by Happy Hitler February 14, 2005