A casual gamer is a misconstrued word (often moronically) whereby anyone who plays Sports games or is a supporter of EA are deemed casual. However, this is incorrect.

Casual gamers are gamers that can only find the time to play games every so often and when they feel like it. They don't feel the need to play daily or weekly. Often it's "harcore" gamers that like to use the term casual as an insult and these are the one's who are truly pathetic.
OMG's! dat H4rdcor3 GamerZ just called me a casual gamer as an insult. He must get Laid a lot!
by ImportGamer January 22, 2006
A person who playes games when they have the time, and doesn't commit their life to them.

Casual Gamers tend to buy the console that has the widest selection of games, is the cheapest, and is talked about the most. The games they tend to play are simple games that are like everyday life, such as sports titles or the Sims.

Sony has been the main console of casual gamers, and is really the company that invented them. About 80% of their sales have been made to casual gamers.

However, it looks as if this will change soon. At the time of the writing of this definition, Nintendo is taking the aproach of simple games and a cheap console, which is what casual gamers tend to go for. The interface of the new console is even more simple then the controller that most are use to. Also, the high price of the Ps3 is making people uneasy about buying the system.
I don't like casual gamers, I think I'll post a rude entry on Urban Dictionary.
by Nakile64 June 30, 2006
One who claims to play a game casually, without a strong desire to compete against others, but actually calls themselves casual as an excuse for often repeated failure to complete novice level tasks within games.
Because he is a casual gamer, John has caused a wipe on the same encounter 371 times in a row.
by MMOhater November 23, 2008
A casual gamer is somebody who doesn't know jack shit about video games.

Their "game" collection often consists mainly of annually rehashed sports titles with buggy engines and unbalanced gameplay as well as other EA garbage. Many casual gamers refuse to play Nintendo games because they're too "hardcore" to play that "kiddy crap," yet they're the type of cowards who'll give up on games like Ninja Gaiden, because "it's too hard."

Other popular games among casuals are: Grand Theft Auto, a pointless game that appeals to the type of idiot who thinks shooting a hooker is as funny the thousandth time as the first; Gran Turismo, because driving around in circles is the most rewarding gameplay experience ever; and Tomb Raider, because shitty games can sell well just like shitty music if they have enough "sex appeal."
Casual gamers bought a PSP for $250 just to fill it with shitty MP3s.
by Paco Belmondo August 19, 2005
People who judge games by their plot or graphics are casual gamers, as opposed to true gamers, who would rather play a game than watch it.
People who own an xbox are casual gamers, and so are the majority of people who own playstations. Casual gamers are ruining the industry for the rest of us. I wish gaming was still just for geeks.
by Mario July 24, 2004
People that are ruining the industry. They believe that they are the high authority on video games and support either xbox or ps2 mainly.
Casual gamers are dumbasses
by chrisguy March 07, 2005
1. Organisms that usually support only PlayStation or XBox consoles(never both). Only playing sports games and hyped games with no real deep sensible gameplay, they strive to get the hottest new games with nothing but graphics going for it.

2. Creatures who criticize certain games that "wouldn't appeal to them" without even playing them. (Mainly Nintendo games)

3. VH1 and MTV supporters.

4. "Gamers" that will eventually bring the downfall to the gaming industry if us true gamers don't do something about it.
I hope casual gamers aren't let into Heaven, for their ignorance and obliviousness will be the downfall of my afterlife as well!
by Dark Fox June 29, 2005

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