to be stalked upon a jasper
"Theres this kid named jasper following me"
"Oh my gawd! I think that you're being cassed!"
"No, you have only 5 seconds to survive"
by Rabbi010 December 08, 2006
Top Definition
An absolute ally and all around rock. The kind of person you always know will be in your corner.
I know that cass will be there for me.
by renwick February 05, 2010
1.Cold Ass. Being cold in the ass. If you are cold in the ass you dont care about something.

2.Youve just been outside and you have a cold ass.
John says: you mother just died
You say: im cass i didnt like her anyway
Bro i just went a walk and now im so cass i have to take a bath.
by Dr.Cushe January 21, 2011
Can't Actually Support Shit

Military test station refered to as "Big Blue", that constantly breaks and will break at the worst possible time and can never be fixed.
LCpl: Big Blue broke again.

Sgt: Damnit!! CASS is the biggest piece of shit ever, where's my RSTS bench?
by CST0D69 October 28, 2009
A person cappable of sensitive behaviour, often victim to cruel pranks,but usually very forgiving of the person.
"Did you ditch him at the mall?"
"Yah, but he won't care he's a Cass."
by Katamari February 19, 2007
When the ass cheeks of a person no longer exist or for that matter curve inward creating a concave surface. Othewise known as a Cass= concave+ass. The opposite of convex.
She had such a flat ass that it had now turned into a Cass.

He had what you would call a Cass, the opposite of a bubble butt.
by WTDAUSA February 04, 2009
1. A person, of ambiguous sex, who enjoys Science Fiction and Computers.

2. A person, generally a girl, who ends up in a common-law marriage with their college room mate.

3. Any person with a black soul and a love of hacking.
1. God, it's playing Dungeons and Dragons again. It's such a Cass.

2. Only a Cass would live with their college room mate for seven years.

3. OMG, John just changed my Myspace Profile. He's such a Cass!
by Entchen May 07, 2007

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